Pastor William C Palmer

Pastor Palmer felt God calling him to the ministry when he was 16 years old.  But it wouldn't be until years later when he finally acknowledges the calling on his life. During those in between years, he was able to find a virtuous women, whom he wed on December 17, 1963. They started a family with 3 children and lived in Denver, Colorado. Finally, after some trying years that's he's not afraid to tell you about, he would come to acknowledge his calling to the ministry in 1977, at Union Baptist Church, where he was also ordained.  He then pastored St. Thomas Full Gospel Baptist Church in Denver, Colorado from 1979 to 1985. Then God would call him back to his hometown, Midland.  Just trusting in God's plan, he came back to Midland, where he was soon asked to teach Bible study at Mt rose because the previous Pastor had just resigned. And because it was all part of God wondrous plan, shortly after he was installed as the pastor in May of 1986. And ever since then, you would find him either teaching a powerful word in the pulpit, or setting out to making huge  changes with his vision or building up the community.