We are excited to bring you the 2018 Palmer Activity Christian Center Basketball training! This year we are offering 2 co-ed classes every Tuesday and Thursday. For young hoopers(co-ed), ages 5-8, we are offering our beginner class at 6pm on both days. These classes will focus on the basic fundamentals of the game. For instance, dribbling, shooting, passing, defense, etc. Then for our older or advanced students, we will start at 7pm. This class will also do fundamentals, but also add more advance knowledge of the game, as well as conditioning. Also in each class, our goal is to not only teach the game, but to teach life lessons as well. Another new thing that we also are adding this year is at the conclusion of the training, we will have a mini tournament with all the players. The price of the entire training duration is just $20 per player. (We also have scholarships available if needed, so do not let price stop you) This year will be awesome, so be sure to sign-up your young hooper today!!