The PACC along with the Rose project have been striving to reach out to the community in many different ways. We have done with education programs (i.e. tutoring), family oriented programming (i.e. movie and game nights), and some in Spiritual awakening events(i.e. Initiate and Christian concerts). We will continue these focuses into our exciting summer programming!! It is our goal to continue to keep these programs either free or very affordable to all families. But in order to achieve this, we need your help!! If you are willing to help, we invite you to become a donor in our Spring Donation Drive. You may donate any amount that you would like.  Any funds that you can give will go a long way for the PACC to continue to provide these programming, and to become an even brighther light in the community for the future. To become a donor, first please check out our upcoming summer programs below, and then scroll a little bit lower to find our donation page. We thank you in advance, and we are looking forward to continuing providing services for the community!