The Unapologetically Black Youth art contest will happen during the UB2018 program happening February 8-11, 2018 at the Palmer Activity Christian Center in Midland, Tx. All races are invited to join into the art show. The theme of the art show and weekend is Rise. If someone older than 18 would like to feature their artwork during the art show, please contact Projects will be judged on the following guidelines: Entrants for contest must be 18 and under(anyone older than 18 that wants to feature their artwork, please contact the UB committee) Deadline to sign up is January 31, 2018 There will be 3 Categories: Elementary Age(8-11), Jr High(12-15), High School(15-18) Art projects may be in any media and could include poster art, a drawing or painting, a sculpture or mixed media. Be an original project The artwork must depict something that represents the theme “Rise”. That can include a period in time in African American history, an African American historical figure, an outlook on the future, or positive message No hateful message shall be portrayed in the artwork Artwork will be judged on creativity and originality